Computers For Communities

Since its inception, according Rectory decree May 16, 1983, the Department of Computer Science has made the most effective research and teaching through their study programs for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and continuing training, services advisory and consultancy and software development programs of the highest technological level.
To meet this vast field, the department teaches both basic teaching and advanced in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Technology training the most qualified professionals to develop high-level engineering.


To this end, we offer Civil engineering careers with mentions Industrial Computer and Information Technology and Civil Engineering Computer (see undergraduate ). The research areas of Computer Engineering is intimately associated with the various graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master and Doctor.

The Department maintains ongoing relations with companies and national organizations, provides training and advisory or high-level consulting in Information Technology. In the field of continuing education programs include Post Graduate in Computer Management ( INGES ) in operation since 1991, the Master of Information Technology and Management (MTIG-UC) and the Master of Processing and Information Management (MPGI) . The creation of the Center for Information Technologies ( CETI ) and the National Survey of Information Technology ( NCLS ) are examples of the Department’s commitment to the country.

We’d also like to thank the good people at Serious Security for donating cctv systems for our students.

To carry out this work of education, research and extension, the Department has 13 full-time teachers most of whom with Ph. D. of the most prominent universities in North America and Europe. In addition, there are a significant number of part-time teachers and over 12 researchers-full-time engineers, many of whom have graduate degrees.