The main task of the Department of Computer Science is to create, disseminate, extend and promote knowledge and experiences that stimulate the development of environments and suitable models to students, so that they can become scientists, engineers and practitioners from a high level of excellence, leaders in their field, both as relates to the securities and professionally, through the delivery and communication of knowledge, experience and skills., to enable them to carry out that intention.


Therefore, it is vitally important that activities both in our department as it graduates students, can contribute to knowledge management and improvement of the disciplines related to computing in different areas that these are developed, both within our country and abroad.


This mission involves both commitment and responsibility to society, with the Catholic University and our department, in the framework and guidelines provided by the principles and values ​​declared by our university.


For this work of our department is to promote and conduct teaching, research and extension in the field of computing, both in the scientific, technological, social and business.And that these initiatives will result in a concrete development, to improve substantially the quality of the different processes in which the computer is an important part of his work.

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